A possible case of Barnheart

It's pretty unusual to have a morning with no housework or chores to get to right away. But today one was offered me and I took advantage of it. Once everyone else was fed and sent on their way for the day I brewed up a cup of coffee, snuggled into my favorite chair, wrapped up with a cozy blanket and went to reading a new book. The story seemed a bit familiar to me. It told of longing and desire, of the thoughts one has to change things around themselves. It's something I'm mentioned here before actually. The urge or need to get back to basics. Grow your own food. Plant and raise what will sustain your family. I'm only half way through Jenna Woginrich's latest book, Barnheart.

Being one of her blog readers for about 2 years now, I enjoy reading the back story on her move to Vermont and the early time spent as a renter and wannabe landowner. It's a love story really. The love of a different way of living. Falling for the hard work and rewards it has to offer. Learning from the mistakes and making better choices along the way. I'm anxious to get back and finish the story but right now the chickens are calling for their morning treat of oats and sunflower seeds. I've already enjoyed their gifts of deliciousness, fried up for breakfast along with some homemade bread toasted up and buttered. 

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