Where oh where has this little blog gone?

I totally de-railed at writing this blog. Bad bad blogger!! lol I'll try to do better! I promise!!

I may go back and add some photos and information from last years gardening experience if I have time. One thing I will say, we learned that the large garden in front of the house was not a good idea. Some things grew well others did not. The two main troubles were keeping up with the weeds and the poor soil conditions. Tomatoes and beans did well; peas, cabbage and cauliflower did not. Sweet corn did ok, but not great, as did the cucumbers, pumpkins and peppers. The carrots and onions suffered greatly from weeds.

The square foot garden did very well once again! This will be our 4th year planting it and every year it surprises me how much it allows me to grow in such a small area. It took a fraction of the work, weeding and watering as did the traditional row style of garden we added last summer. We enjoyed some new for us veggies that we haven't tried growing before. Beets, kale and bok choy all did very well! Kohlrabi and diakon radish performed well too.

With the warm spring we've been enjoying, I went out and planted some cool weather crops already. Nothing is coming up yet but the seeds don't mind waiting for their preferred temps before sprouting. We have asparagus poking up now too! This week I will put the plastic up on the mini-hoop house we built last year and start raising the soil temps in there. That will surely get things going!

I also plan on starting some seeds yet. It's quite a bit later than I started last year, but here in our zone 4 area our average date of last frost is May 26th. That gives me plenty of time to get a few things started under lights in the basement.

I will give you an update on the animals here later. For now take a look at the basket of eggs the hens gave me for Easter!

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