Up, Up with a new Coop!!

We are building a new chicken coop!

You know chickens are like potato chips... you can't have just one! Or two or twelve! ha ha

If I wanted to add a few more fluffy butts around here there needed to be another chicken condo. Our current set up is maxed out. The 8 x 8 barn style garden shed that was re-purposed into our coop is serving us well but the 11 large breed hens and our one Silkie bantam rooster pretty much fill it up.

He's a handsome boy isn't he?

The new coop will be an 8 x 10 salt-box style with a 10 x 10 fenced in run. This coop with have two operating windows and two stationary ones so there will be lots of natural light. In addition there will be two 12" x 12" vents in the roof peaks on the east and west sides giving us plenty of ventilation. We will have an automatic pop door for the chickens in this coop like we have in our current one. That makes having chickens so much easier! Dale started building it a couple weeks ago inside our pole building.

Here's a few pictures of the progress.

Insulating the base.

Two side walls framed up, looking at the north wall here with one window.

Four walls framed out and the rafters ready to go up.

Looking at what will be the east facing wall with two windows and the chicken pop door.

Not much more can be done now until we pull it outside with the tractor, the rafters won't fit out the door on the pole building. We are having concrete poured and once that is done the coop will be moved into place and the rest of the work can start. 

Here's is a look at our current coop with the 5 x 15 run.

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