And the total is...

... ten chicks!

I turned off the incubator today and put it away. There were a total of 11 chicks that hatched, 7 Swedish Flower Hens and 4 Wheaten Marans. One of the Marans didn't make it. Another one had pipped and half un-zipped but then stopped. After giving it a long time we decided to "help" it out. Yes... I know you aren't supposed to help them out of the shell, but it would have died otherwise. It very well may die yet, it's hard to say. It's not as strong as the other chicks but doing alright. It was shrink wrapped within the egg's membrane and just couldn't move around enough to work himself out of the egg. Only time will tell.

I don't have great pictures of all the chicks yet, just ones I took quickly on my cell phone. I'll take better ones soon. If you're a facebook friend you may have already seen these.

First the Swedish Flower Hens

And now the Wheaten Marans, only two pictures as they all look the same anyway!

Notice the feathered feet on them.

We also took a drive to pick up a few started chicks this weekend. I'll post more on those soon.

For now here's a picture of Emily with the Buff Laced Polish she picked out!

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