Fuzzy butts and peeps!

They have started hatching!!

So far we have 6 total, 3 each of the Swedish Flower Hen and Wheaten Marans.

Here's a picture of one of the Marans eggs un-zipping.

Some of them make quick work of it, others take awhile. It's lots of work to get yourself out of an egg you've called home for 21 days!

Once they make it out they aren't the cute fluff balls you'd expect quite yet. They take some time to dry off and pouf up. Looks like a bad hair day!

The new incubator doesn't have a lot of room for the chicks once they hatch so we have been scooping them out quickly and moving them to the old incubator that I have set up just to keep them warm and dry off. Otherwise they keep moving around on top of all the other eggs knocking them around.

Here they are warm and drying off.

The light colored chick front and center is a Wheaten Marans. If you look closely you can see it has feathered legs! The strip of wet sponge is in there to help keep the humidity high. I'll move them out to the brooder later today. The heat lamp is all set up and their water and feed is ready to go!

I can hear another one peeping in the incubator now!! Time to go check again.

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